Strong, Durable, Lifetime Guarantee.

You’ve selected a high-performance cable to get the most out of your client’s investment in home entertainment electronics. But what’s the point if it can’t stand up to the real world of a job site? Raven uses only strong, durable polypropylene in our connector construction. Why bother? Because one damaged or faulty cable can shut down the whole system, costing you goodwill and referrals. We’re so confident in our robust construction that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee. Spec Raven and invest your time in better things.

Reliable Connectivity Every Time. Guaranteed.

You’ve seen it before. The time wasted on a job because of HDCP handshake issues with an HDMI cable. Then the client phone calls after the fact. Why spec the best hardware for your client only to experience failure because of poor connectivity? Raven delivers no-hassle clean signal every time. Guaranteed. What’s reliability worth? Peace of mind, happy clients sending referrals, and faster payment, to name a few.

The Perfect Length.

Nothing says “I’m a pro” like the back of your rack. A clean, uncluttered rack is easy to troubleshoot. On the other hand, excess HDMI cables in bundles are asking for performance problems with inductance and bends that change impedance and help cause dropouts. Impress your clients with your job integrity, and save yourself time by choosing the right length. Raven features 16 lengths between 1’ and 50’ for the perfect run for your jobs, saving you time and hassle, while impressing your clients.

Why Raven?

Raven was created by electronics integrators for electronics integrators. Because too many installed systems share the same weak link. The HDMI cable. The best designed systems and the best hardware in the world fails when the components can not talk to one another.

So Raven was born with the pedigree installers want. FT4 fire rating for safety-compliant installs. High purity copper, gold electroplating, and the most efficient dielectrics allow optimum signal flow and compact construction. 4K compliant, even in lengths up to 50’. Raven cables support HDMI (1080p, 4Kx2K/UHD and 3D) including HDCP 2.2, for up to 50 feet. A large selection to ensure the perfect length for your application. Polypropylene connector housing for greater strength. All backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.